About us

Drinkers Café a brand looking to offer worldwide coffee fanatics the best 100% colombian coffee quality, specialty supreme coffee from single origin, smooth, aromatic with addictive flavor. As coffee fanatics we identifed a limited offer in really good coffee, despite there are brands claiming to sell “Premium” these do not differentiate in taste versus conventional coffees.   Our moto as coffee fanatics, is to offer every coffee fanatic the coffee every one would really love, a coffee produced with passion and honesty.  The Drinkers Coffee!

Drinkers Café a Brand of “Grupo DRK S.A.S”

 We are the first company in Colombia to produce coffee drip filters and not only that, we are colombian coffee producers, traders in different markets, we like to listen our clients and their needs, design exclusive productos for them, green coffee, origin coffee, specialty coffee, supreme coffee, excelso coffee, standard coffee, coffee taylor made, créate your Brand, for your hotel, your shops or restaurants.  TALK TO US!

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